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TAOWORKS Co.,ltd. is an independent head hunting company. We had established the TAOWORKS in 1996. Since the establishment, our purpose is to deliver the latest job offer information as using a full use of the network.
Name of
Business Career producing business
Headhunting business
Out sourcing business
IT system consulting business
Introducing manpower business(The Minister of Labor authority 13-01-2-0208)
Capital 10,000,000 yen
35-4 Tauraosaku-cho Yokosuka-city, Kanagawa-pre. 237-0074
TEL 046-876-9725
FAX 046-876-9764
President Kenji Tsuruda
Establishment December 2nd, 1996
Career produceship !
Name of our company is named for Road "TAOISM".
The business to associate with people at their important stage of
their road that is life.
The most important matter in this work is to put yourself in each
applicant's place and think about their career plan earnestly.
Our objective is to be the best career producing group in the world with the value and quality of information.
December,1996 Started the headhunting business.
February,1997 A plan and sponsorship of Food Museum, Marketing as a support for Sanriku Fishermen' Union adavancing to Tokyo.
October,1997 Development of a multimedia resume for sounds and pictures.
April,1999 Inaugurated SI Operation Division, TAOWORKS Co.,ltd.
May,1999 Start to sell the Premier Sales Management
July,1999 Start to sell the Premier Cost Control
October,1999 Release Job Matching System "Global Human Net ver.1".
October,1999 Collaborated with Micro Information Service Company.
October,1999 Start to sell Microsoft Financial Management Master and start the maintenance service.
January,2000 Release the cooperative function of Premier Sales Management and MICSNET Financial Management Master.
April,2000 TAOWORKS Co.,Ltd. established SI Operating Division as an independent subsidiary.
June,2000 Establishment of IT Trust Company.
July,2000 Release of Job Matching System "Global Human Net version 2".
August,2000 Establishment of. KOMON BANK Co., Ltd.